Matt Woods: Longest Tour Ever Q & A 

I am no where near home and sometimes don't even know where home is. That is what happens when you know your roots are southern, but your Tennessee born and raised father was a military man. So, when someone as talented as Matt Woods, who hails from beautiful Tennessee, makes his way to the west coast... I notice. For those of you who might not be familiar with Matt Woods, pay attention. There is nothing like seeing Matt Woods pour his heart out on a dim lit stage. His 2014 release, With Love From Brushy

Nothin' But Humble ~ A Scott H. Biram Interview by Cheri Lynn 

No one on tour right now can make you feel more washed in the blood of the lamb one minute--and bound for hell the next-- quite like Scott H. Biram. With the stomp of his foot and the pluck of a string he can make a crowd face sin and redemption with a single note. Speaking with him one on one provides the same experience. Talking to Biram is like witnessing the reconciliation of human existence in a nutshell. A man who says he walks with his own "personal God," and practices religion his own way, is by no…Read more