O'death Robbed In Los Angeles -- Set Up GoFundMe Campaign

Grab Your Torch & Pitchfork, Who Is Leading This Mob?!!

I can't take it anymore. I'm tired of seeing my friends and bands I love have their lives ruined by thugs. 
On October 30th O'death was robbed of their van and trailer in Los Angeles after their show at The Echo. ...they lost everything but the clothes on their backs that night. Not to mention the trauma and emotion that comes from having your entire life involuntarily stripped from you. I can't even imagine. Lately this type of thing seems to be happening more and more frequently. Times being what they are I suppose you can see an increase in crime all across the board all across the nation. It is just so unfortunate though that people cannot mind their own business and do what they love without having to worry about some asshole coming along and yanking it out from underneath them. The only thing we can do I guess is lean on each other when things like this happen.  Maybe you're not an O'death fan and think, why should I care? But I think that if you're reading this now then music must sit in your heart somewhere. We are all in this together. We have to stand united to keep this thing rolling along as it should and to keep these bands we on the road. Today it was O'death's van...tomorrow it could be yours and I would want the same support for you. Support these guys and help them get back on their feet and get back on the road. 

For more information on how you can help get O'death back on the road please visit: 
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"We hate to ask for handouts, but we know that a lot of our supporters recognize and understand the path we are on - we don't make much money doing what we do - we do it because connecting with people through music is our lives." - O'death.

DOWN TO REST: Off of their 2007 release Head Home

(the song and video that made me like O'death in the first place)

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