Wild American Music is a multi-media platform dedicated to preserving traditional American music, while at the same time embracing the vanguard of independent artists who will define the next century. Current reviews and opinions, and artist representation and recordings will showcase the best and in many cases the wildest- musical adventurers from yesteryear to this year.



Update: The compilation will NOT be released this week (11/18). I accept full responsibility because NO ONE else is helping me get this out. I will say thank you to the bands/artists/labels who agreed to be a part of this and have remained so patient with me. Also, thanks to Zooma Design for working out the artwork for the cds.
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This year the logo doubles as cover art for Songs Of Wild America + Vol. I

Lexington, Kentucky Newlyweds Showcase Regional Talent - Public Event 

Newlyweds Cory (of Those Crosstown Rivals) & Michelle Hanks will be celebrating their nuptials in a way that many consider nontraditional, and they've invited the public to share in their wild celebration. On Saturday, November 15th - you can meet up with the the local couple at  Al's Bar in Lexington for a night of exceptional talent regional to area where Cory & Michelle call home. Scheduled to perform that night are Those Crosstown Rivals, Tyler Childers, Matt Woods, Justin Wells(of Fifth On The Floor, Doc Feldman, and Senora Lainhart. Show is at 8pm and it's FREE! If you're in the area that weekend it will be a great opportunity to witness first hand some of the exceptional talent that comes out of this region of the country. Make your plans to be there and be sure to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Hanks on their new found happiness as Husband & Wife.


"Music brought Michelle and I together,” Hanks explains, “but we had a private ceremony without friends or family, and we thought, you know, what better way to give back to them and the Lexington music community - the people who brought us together and have been so good to us over the years - than by putting on a free show that features some of our seriously talented friends. You know, a really special lineup with musicians they know and love. It’s gonna be a really great time." --Cory Hanks

O'death Robbed In Los Angeles -- Set Up GoFundMe Campaign 

Grab Your Torch & Pitchfork, Who Is Leading This Mob?!!

I can't take it anymore. I'm tired of seeing my friends and bands I love have their lives ruined by thugs. 
On October 30th O'death was robbed of their van and trailer in Los Angeles after their show at The Echo. ...they lost everything but the clothes on their backs that night. Not to mention the trauma and emotion that comes from having your entire life involuntarily stripped from you. I can't even imagine. Lately this type of thing seems to be happening more and more frequently. Times being what they are I suppose you can see an increase in crime all across the board all across the nation. It is just so unfortunate though that people cannot mind their own business and do what they love without having to worry about some asshole coming along and yanking it out from underneath them. The only thing we can do I guess is lean on each other when things like this happen.  Maybe you're not an O'death fan and think, why should I care? But I think that if you're reading this now then music must sit in your heart somewhere. We are all in this together. We have to stand united to keep this thing rolling along as it should and to keep these bands we on the road. Today it was O'death's van...tomorrow it could be yours and I would want the same support for you. Support these guys and help them get back on their feet and get back on the road. 

For more information on how you can help get O'death back on the road please visit: 
click on the photo of O'death to be redirected to their website

"We hate to ask for handouts, but we know that a lot of our supporters recognize and understand the path we are on - we don't make much money doing what we do - we do it because connecting with people through music is our lives." - O'death.

DOWN TO REST: Off of their 2007 release Head Home

(the song and video that made me like O'death in the first place)

Songs Of Wild America + Vol. I: CD Presale 

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+++Songs Of Wild America+++

Volume I
+AVAILABLE 11/18/14+

Scott H. Biram - Texas
Matt Woods - Tennessee
Karen Jonas - Virginia
Sinners & Saints - North Carolina
Ben Stalets - Ohio
Lydia Loveless - Ohio
Travis Harris & The West Cost Turnarounds - Kentucky

Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels - Colorado
Gators In The Sawgrass - Florida
Lew Card - Texas
The Urban Pioneers - Texas/Tennessee
The Grand Ole Uproar - North Carolina


Songs Of Wild America is an anthology of American songs chosen because of the wild energy presented by their composers when either recording or performing these songs. Digital downloads will be available as of 11/18/14 for 90 days at purchaser's set price.

A % of $ made from presales goes to providing each contributor with 5 copies each to sell  at their own price on the road.

WILD AMERICAN COMPILATION + Songs Of Wild America + Contributors and Release Date Announced ++ Presales Available Soon 

WILD AMERICAN is excited to announce the bands and artists chosen for the 2014 compilation. A limited number of physical copies will be pressed and presales start 10/28/14. Songs Of Wild America Vol. I will be available on CD for $7.98 until they are gone. Digital copies will be available to download the day of release for purchaser's price for 90 days. It is with humble sincerity that I express a great deal of gratitude to everyone who has agreed to participate in and contribute their efforts to this project. It's the first official Wild American release and a lot of thought and effort went into making this compilation something I could be proud of. I thank everyone who has believed in the vision of what I thought Wild American Music could and should be. Hooray for Wild American as its one year anniversary is upon us. No better way to celebrate than with the best songs released by and for wild Americans over the course of the past year.
Cheers ~ Cheri Lynn



Scott H. Biram
Matt Woods
Karen Jonas
Sinners & Saints
Ben Stalets
Lydia Loveless
Travis Harris & The West Cost Turnarounds

Casey James Prestwood & The Burning Angels
Gators In The Sawgrass
Lew Card
The Urban Pioneers
The Grand Ole Uproar